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Industrylink Training

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Course name
Certificate IV Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
Course Category
Hospitality, Hospitality Operations, Tourism, Aviation
Type of Course
Full Time or Part Time
Level of course
Course Duration
45 - Weeks
Certificate IV in Hospitality Commercial Cookery is aimed at workplace leaders and managers. This course covers the management of a service industry workplace. Building on Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, this course focuses more on technical procedures and implementing systems for a kitchen and an overall operation.

This course is necessary for an individual who wishes to start up their own operation and requires effective managerial leadership. i.e. working more effectively with people, implementing strategies for an operation such as financial services, leading a team of employees and building an overall understanding of how a business should operate to gain maximum financial benefit.
Not Given
Minimum Qualification
Successful completion of Certi
Industrylink Training logo
Our team at industrylink are a dedicated and passionate group of professionals, striving to achieve excellence in the arena of hospitality and the overall services provided to our clients and students. This recognition for our efforts and hard work is a true reflection from the feedback that has been provided by our students and clients. We are a small, boutique hospitality provider doing great things for Tasmania. As we grow, we continue to spread our vision throughout the state.

What we believe
The aim of industrylink is to provide quality training for people working within the hospitality industry.Industrylink is a Tasmanian based business that aims to both capitalise on, and enrich, the arguably untapped labour market in Tasmania by facilitating the recruitment, growth and certification of trainee/apprentices and employees in the hospitality area. The Owner, Chief Executive and Principle Certified Trainer/ Assessor of the business, Nicholas Platon, has instigated the Registered Training Organisation set up, due to a perceived local labour force potential and understood opportunity for industry excellence.Industrylink is an organisation that draws upon national and international experience to create local standards of excellence.

Students participating in industrylink’s training will partake in an accredited, certified training course. The units delivered will be part of VET’s hospitality Certificate’s II, III and IV packages in Hospitality, Commercial Cookery and Patisserie. The training will be a comprehensive, learner focused and outcomes based delivery presented in both workshop and workplace format. The basic structural foundation of this RTO is that a large amount of training is conducted on site in either pre-existing, or host work places. The nature of this business is to create educational outcomes out of ‘industry based’ work environments. Industrylink is an equal opportunities environment. Industrylink’s commitment is to prepare and consolidate students’ skills within a familiar work environment. During the time of set up, the chief executive and owner/operator, Nicholas Platon, has implemented systemic structures to ensure the integrity of its equity and access principles have been maintained. Industrylink has a primary legal and educational commitment to its registered students and its clients from the industry workplaces in which they learn.

Industrylink will have two levels of clientele. The first and primary customer group are the registered students who undertake the modulated training. The outlined requirements for this group are largely learning and skill based. The exchange between industrylink and its clientele demographic is one that uses training as a conduit within a context of labour and market forces. The second, and equally valued customer group, consists of the businesses that either already employ or agree to host the RTO’S student base. Again, the needs of this group exist within the labour and market force, however as business employers, the requirements upon the RTO alter slightly from the student base. An effective operation within the business client group is largely contingent on quality relationship and rapport between the RTO and individual employer. The exchange between the employer group and industrylink is mainly training provision.
Mission & Vision
Our Vision
Industrylink is a Registered Training Organisation committed to professional training in the area of hospitality services. We are committed to providing an effective, dynamic and quality service that produces autonomous, authentic outcomes.

Our training and learning environment is one that is friendly, safe and accessible as we are dedicated to providing an effective atmosphere for outstanding training. We are an equitable organisation which promotes honesty, fairness, opportunity and success.

Our organisation adheres to the registered standards as we facilitate certified results and outcomes of excellence. We provide a high quality assurance of our service as we strive to be industry leaders within an outcomes driven marketplace.
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