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Dayalbagh Educational Institute

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The Dayalbagh Educational Institute is located amidst the tranquil environs of Dayalbagh, a self-contained colony renowned for its serene environment and secular establishments, in which its inhabitants lead an active, disciplined and co-operative community life dedicated to service, conforming to the high spiritual ideals of their faith. On the outskirts of the historic city of Agra, the campus is situated in garden settings, away from the din and noise of the city. Nestled between lush green fields, it provides an excellent ambience and academic setting which is in harmony with nature. This, along with a simple, disciplined and principled life, undoubtedly contributes to the strength of the social, moral and spiritual fiber of the institute's educational system.

The Colony of Dayalbagh, which translates as Garden of the Merciful, was founded on the Basant Day in 1915 by Huzur Sahabji Maharaj, the fifth Revered Leader of Radhasoami Faith by planting a Mulberry tree, as an Ashram or the spiritual home of the followers of the Faith. The headquarters of Radhasoami Satsang Sabha are located here.

The foundation of a school was laid the very next day after the foundation of the colony. The school has grown in course of time to become a Deemed University-Dayalbagh Educational Institute-with various faculties with facilities for research. The education system followed is unique and provides value-based multi-disciplinary education with work experience. In addition, the colony has a diploma level Technical College, a Women's Polytechnic, a nursery, primary level schools and secondary level colleges for boys and girls; a school of Languages; a School of Art and Culture; a Tailoring School; a School of Dress Designing and Interior Decoration; a Day Boarding School; a Training Center for Indian Music; and a Leather Working School.
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Mission & Vision
(i) To bring about physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of an individual with a view to evolving a complete man who possesses the basic values of humanism, secularism and democracy and who is capable of giving a fuller response to social and environmental challenges.
(ii) To inculcate in an individual a spirit of truthfulness, temperance and courage and to cultivate a spirit of humility, simple living, selfless service and sacrifice.
(iii) To develop the faculties of thinking, analysis and reason and a habit of learning, in an individual, in order to enable him to realize his maximum potential; to increase his general awareness and knowledge and to impart education of excellence as well as of relevance to contemporary needs.
(iv) To develop and promote a scientific temper and to train a person in practical science and technology to make him better suited to the increasingly technologically oriented environment; to create willingness and a capacity to work with one's hands, which would promote a respect for 'soiled hands' and the dignity of labour and a spirit of self-reliance.
(v) To provide a background of humanities and social sciences as essential to retaining a human touch and to mellow down the harshness of a mechanical world; to promote the study of classics and develop pride in national culture and heritage, so that one may not lose one's moorings.
(vi) To prepare an individual for calling suited to his aptitudes and skills and the needs of the society.
(vii) To promote understanding of various beliefs and faiths and thus to foster an attitude of tolerance and a sense of national unity; to create the spirit of 'Brotherhood of Man' and to promote the establishment of a classless and casteless society.
(viii) To make the rural and urban students fully aware of and interested in the problems of one another; to foster a fuller understanding of the rural life in a society in transition which is necessary for appreciating properly the polity and the economy of our country and of the social forces at work.
(ix) To generate consciousness of democratic values and freedoms which a citizen of India should be prepared to defend; to promote respect for the rights of others and an awareness of one's duties and obligations to the society; to enable students to build a strong character and attain high ethical standards.
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BA in Arts (4 semester). B.A. (Hons) - 6 semester 20 seats each in (1) Drawing & Painting (2) English (3) Hindi (4) Home Science (5) Music (6) Sanskrit. B.A. Social Science...
B.B.M. (Bachelor of Business Management) (4 semesters) B.B.M. Honours (6 semester)
B.Com. (4 semesters). B.Com. Honours (6 semesters).
B.Sc. (Home Science) (4 semesters). B.Sc. (Home Science) Honours (6 semesters). B.Sc.(4 semesters). B.Sc. Honours (6 semesters) 20 seats each in (1) Botany (2) Chemistry (3) ...
B.Sc. (Engineering)-Electrical (45), Mechanical (45): (8 semesters)
Diploma in Ayurveda (4 Semesters)
M.A. (4 terms: 3 semesters plus summer term) 20 seats each in (1) Drawing & Painting (2) English (3) Hindi(4) Music with specialization in Sitar/Tabla/Vocal Music (5) Sanskrit & ...
M.Phil. (Theology) (2 Semesters/ 3 Semesters).
M.Phil. (Education) (2 Semesters)
M.Tech. in Computer Science: Full Time (4 semesters plus summer term)
M.Tech. in Engineering Systems
M.Sc. (4 terms: 3 semesters plus summer term) (1) Botany (2) Chemistry (3) Computer Sci...
M.B.A. (Business Management) (4 terms: 3 semesters plus summer term)
Diploma in Engineering and Polytechnics* Automobile, Electrical and Mechanical Electronics , Leather Technology Footwear (CASD) , Textile Designing , Interior Designing...
PGDJMC (PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication) (2 Sem.)
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