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Gujarat Ayurved University

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Gujarat Ayurved University was established in 1967 by an act passed by Gujarat State legislative Assembly in 1965. It is the first statutory University of its Kind both at national and international level - exclusively devoted to Ayurvedic studies and Research. This University is administratively linked to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare both at State and Centre-indicating its special status.
Gujarat Ayurved University is an academic and institution of higher learning established in 1967 by an Act of Gujarat State Assembly. This university is an autonomous organization fully financed by Govt.of Gujarat State. University looks after the management of the Institutes and Colleges situated in the campus along with conducting the examination of all the degree/diplomas awarded by the University. This University has three wings.
1. Administrative wing and the centers working directly under University.
2. Constituent Institutes and Colleges working in the campus.
3. Affiliated colleges of Ayurveda whose examinations are conducted by the University.

Jamnagar, the main seat of princely state of Nawanagar was well known as a seat of oriental studies. It has a long list of renowned Ayurvedic physicians like Zandu Bhattji and Rasa Vaidya Bavabhai Achalji. The rulers of this state have patronised Ayurveda since very early days. During the regime of Jam Saheb Digvijay Singhji in 1940's and onwards Dr P.M. Mehta was court physician (trained in western medicine). He was a great learner and visionary. Dr. Mehta impressed upon the king and the queen of Jamnagar to establish a center for Ayurvedic Studies. Hence, Shri Gulabkunwarba Ayurvedic Society was established in 1940.

This setup of University continued till 1998. Since then few more Institutes and Centers were opened to broad base the training programmes of Ayurveda. At present following Institutes and Centers are working in the Campus of Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar as constituent Institutes: -
1. Institute for Post Graduate Teaching & Research In Ayurveda
2. Shri Gulabkunwarba Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Jamnagar
3. Institute for Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences
4. Maharishi Patanjali Institute for Yoga & Naturopathy Education and Research. All other Ayurvedic Colleges of the state are the affiliated colleges of Gujarat Ayurveda University

Areas of Intensive Research
Intensive research in following fields is being undertaken by the Institute:
1. Literary Research
Research on the available manuscripts is going on. Works on some important manuscripts have been completed and they are in final phases. Intensive research is being conducted on the interpretation and implementation of various fundamental principles. An effort is being made to establish objective parameters for the physical properties

2. Drug Research
Intensive research for pharmacological studies of herbal and mineral drugs is going on. Cultivation aspect of various herbs is being studied. Toxicity studies for various mineral and metal preparations are going on. Preparation of laboratory standards for herbo-minerallo-metallic preparation is also envisaged.

3. Clinical Research
Research in the field of various chronic degenerative and metabolic diseases is going on. Disease like hypertension, CVA, skin disorders, joint disorders, nuerological disorders and their management is being studied at advanced levels. Standardization process for various Panchakarma procedures like Abhyanga Sveda, Vaman-Virechana is going on.
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Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery - B.A.M.S. (ayurvedacharya) The course aims at providing basic education in Ayurveda leading to the degree of B.A.M.S. It aims at prep...
B.Pharm (Ayurveda)
Introductory Course in Ayurveda: Beginner to Advanced The aim of this course is to provide basic knowledge of Ayurveda to foreign nationals in the following subjects. i) Ba...
Doctor of Medicine (ayurveda vachaspati) M.D.(Ayu) Doctor of Surgery (ayurveda dhanvantari) M.S.(Ayu) The course aims at providing opportunity to the graduates of Ayurveda to s...
Course Contents (Brief outlines): The course has been divided into 3 parts. 1. Medico-Botanical Sciences, 2. Agricultural Sciences, 3. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Includi...
Master of Pharmacy (Ayurveda) M.Pharm (Ayu) (under PGT SFC Cell) This is a Master Degree course to provide in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic drugs, their method of manufacturing and...
Doctor of Philosophy (ayurvidya varidhi) Ph.D.(Ayu) To provide opportunity to deserving and research oriented scholars of Ayurveda to develope their research skills and carry ou...
P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy Certificate Course in Yoga and Naturopathy
a) Admission to 8 different U.G. affiliated Colleges is monitored centrally by Govt. of Gujarat through a central admission committee on the basis of merit at the qualifying examin...
a) Entrance test b) Admission to affiliated P.G. Centers will be governed centrally by the University Fees: a) No Fees for Indian Nationals. Government of India provides sti...
Outstanding academic record and personal interview Enrolment will be made twice in a year i) October term and ii) March term. Fees: Rs. 450/- per term plus registr...
Selection on merit. Registration fees US$ 20/- Tuition fees US$ 375/- per month
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