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Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University

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Multimedia Animation
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Animation and Multimedia
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Correspondence course
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The National Policy of Education (NPE) 1986, emphasized that distance education is an important medium for the development and promotion of higher education. In this context, for the expansion and promotion of distance education the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), Government of India took an important decision that in the VIIIth year plan every state should establish a state open university following the distance education pattern. On this basis Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (MPBOU) was established under an Act of State Assembly in 1991 to provide easily accessible, flexible learning, quality higher education through multimedia and flexible learning modes.The Idol of Vagdevi (The Goddess of Learning), of international fame, which was initially placed in Bhojshala (the school of Learning created by the great King Bhoj of Central India in the Year 1035 AD) is now in British Museum. With a very gererous support, of King Bhoj, scholars from all the parts of India converged to Bhojshala, which produced 84 monumental works in Sanskrit. The last two words in the sloka written on the top mean Dedication for the cause of learning. These words appear in the emblem of the Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University.

The University disseminates knowledge and quality education to different target group of learners irrespective of their age, gender, region, status and employment. MPBOU is the main University in the sate for providing easily accessible and quality higher education through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system. One of the important objectives of the University, as mentioned in the Act, is the extension and expansion of Higher Education by reaching the unreached through various flexible means suited to the open and distance education mode using emerging Information and Communication Technology. In view of this objective maximum study centres of MPBOU are in those areas where there are no other system of higher education in the vicinity of 30 km. The University also gives due emphasis to special target groups of learners coming from rural/tribal areas and those suffering from the physical disabilities. The MPBOU has an enrolment of 1.5 lac students and is the second largest Open University in the country.

One of the main aims of the University is to develop and provide easily accessible system of higher education and training, by use of different modes of educational inputs such as lessons in print, text books, contact teaching, practical classes, TV/Radio/Video/Audio programmes, using satellite communication, etc. The University has, by now, developed systems which are capable of providing quality higher education and training even in remote and less developed rural and tribal areas. A feature of the system is the orientation to take special care of the requirements, expectations and training needs of interested individuals, practising professionals and students. Thus, the ultimate goal of the University is to provide higher education and training at the doorstep of the professionals, students and other seekers of education. In India, just 6.5% of school leavers go on to higher education, compared to 30% in developed countries, hence the MPBOU is working earnestly for making higher education more accessible.

Objectives By Act :
Extension and Expansion of Higher Education by reaching the un-reached through various flexible means suited to the Open and Distance education mode using emerging information and communication technology.

To promote national integration and the integrated development of human personality for the well being of the community.

To determine/maintain standards and promote Distance Education.
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Mission & Vision
Seamless, effective and sustainable interventions to develop, upgrade and recycle human resources for areas critical to national development including the well being of the community.

Cost effective, extension and promotion of quality education to reach the unreached

Determination of standards and maintenance of quality in distance education

Interventions for the well-being of the community

Omnipresent and omnipotent education using emerging information and communication technologies.
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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor's Degree Programmes: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) (BIT)
Bachelor of Science (Maths Group) Bachelor of Science (Bio. Group)
Bachelor of Science (Post basic Nursing)
Bachelor's Degree Programmes Bachelor of Special Education through Distance Education B.Ed.-SEDE
Diploma Programmes : Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) Diploma in Management (DIM) Diploma in Air fare and Ticketing
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) Diploma in Web & Multimedia Technology (DWMT) Diploma in Linux Essentials (Administration) (DLE) Diploma in Education Technology (DET) Cer...
Foundation Course Foundation Course on Education of Children with disabilities-FC-SEDE
Master of Science (Zoology) Master of Science (Botany) Master of Science (Mathematics) Master of Science (Chemistry) Master of Science (Physics)
Master in Computer Application (MCA) M.Sc.- Computer Science (MCS) M.Sc. - Information Technology (MIT) Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
M.A. in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology Master of Arts (Sanskrit) Master of Arts (English) Master of Arts (Economics) Master of Arts (History) Master of Art...
Master's Degree Programmes: Master of Business Administration (MBA) M.B.A. (Material Management) Master of International Business (MIB) Master of Business Economics (MBE) Mast...
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDIM) Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management (PGDTHM) Post Graduate Diploma in Heritage M...
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes Post Graduate Professional Diploma in Special Education (PGPC-SEDE)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes : Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Therapeutic Nutrition (PGDDTN) Post Graduate diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM) Post ...
Post Graduate Diploma in Bio-Informatics (PGDBI) Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics (PGDCI)
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