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Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramoday University

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Chitrakoot has been a symbol of sublime culture and social order since ancient times. This idyllic pilgrim resort is known for various places associated with Lord Ram; besides this, it is one of the most ancient centres of education and research. Maharishi Atri and Anasuya founded the first educational centre of the world at Chitrakoot. This holy place of Chitrakoot has been a place of sadhana for great saints and Rishis like Maharashi Sutikshna, Bharadwaj, Sarbhanga & Balmiki. Students from all parts of the country would come to the various ashramas of Rishis & Munis. Lord Ram imparted the message of creating sustainable social structure at Chitrakoot through participatory approach of the natives and other beings. Mahakavi Tulsidas received inspiration to write the epic Sriramacharitamanas, which optimizes ideal life in society

With passage of time and deprivation of resources, development of the Chitrakoot was affected. The villages were constrained due to lack of proper growth of agriculture and agro-enterprises. To create enlightened future citizenry and also to realize the Gandhiji’s dream of rural development, MGCGV was established on 12th Feb. 1991 on the banks of the holy river Mandakini through a separate MP Govt. Act (9, 1991) on the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri at Chitrakoot, Distt. Satna (M.P.). The main objectives of the University are to provide education and dissemination of appropriate technology.

Gramodaya University’s activities veer round rural development. For more than a decade, its constructive indelible impression is felt in all the dimensions of rural development through its education, research and extension activities. The University creates human resource, develops appropriate technology, conducts research and extension in sustainable agricultural techniques for rural livelihood and proper management of rural resources, and it also imparts mass education for the empowerment and awareness of the rural population including women. The University has taken keen interest in exploring alternative sources of energy, developing skills in rural artisans. The MGCGV has jurisdiction in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. The University is making efforts to establish its centre at various places.

The University has a great role to play in the field of rural development through higher education and also in preparing innovative models of rural development. The University is presenting a new vision with a judicious blend of Indian culture and modernity for sustainable rural development.

Aims and Objectives

The University receives inspiration for rural development in consonance with the vision of Mahatma Gandhi. The University is mandated to evolve, promote and impart higher education so as to take up emerging challenges for transformation of rural areas. It undertakes academic, research, extension and training programmes for the empowerment of the people with a view to ensure free flow of knowledge, techniques and technologies as a two–way process for betterment of rural life. It provides training facilities to personnel engaged in rural development in collaboration with the state government. The University provides consultancy in all aspects of rural development. The University undertakes monitoring and evaluation of national and state-level development programmes, shares ideas and experiences in rural development work.

Academic Programmes

The University offers multidisciplinary higher education courses up to doctoral level in the disciplines of agriculture and animal sciences, applied sciences, environment, GIS and remote sensing, agricultural engineering, food technology, information technology, management, education, languages, communication, fine arts, humanities, social sciences etc. Those who are not able to attend regular classes due to economic or other service commitments, the University has established a good number of Distance Education Centers in the state of Madhya Pradesh for imparting higher education. The National statutory educational bodies have recognized the academic programmes of the University. The academic activities of the University are spread over 14 Departments of 5 Faculties. These details are retrieved from
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B.Sc. (Ag. & Ent.)
B.Sc. (Home Science)
B.F.A. (Sculpture)
B.F.A. (Applied Art)
B.F.A. (Painting)
B.A.(Human Consciousness & Yogic Science)
B.J ( Mass Communication)
B.Tech.(Information Technology)
B.B.A. Rural Development and Business Management
Faculty of Science & Environment B.Sc.(Math's) B.Sc.(Bio Science) B.Sc.(Geo Science) B.Sc.(Information Technology) B.C.A.
Faculty of Agriculture: PG Programme M.Sc. Ag (Horticulture) M.Sc. Ag (Agronomy) M.Sc. Ag (Genetics & Plant breeding) M.Sc. Ag. (Extension) M.Sc. Ag. (Soil Science)
M.A. (Ancient History, Culture & Archaeology)
M.A. (Women Studies)
M.A. (Political Science)
M.A. (Public Administration)
M.F.A. (Painting)
M.F.A. (Applied Art)
M.F.A. (Sculpture)
MJ (Mass Communication)
Faculty of Rural Development and Business Management M.B.A. (Rural Management) * M.B.A. (Small Business Management) * M.B.A. (Agri. Business Management) * M.A. (Rural Developme...
Faculty of Science & Environment M.Sc.(Bio-Chemistry) M.Sc.(Mathematics) M.Sc.(Zoology) M.Sc.(Remote Sensing & GIS) M.Sc.(Environmental Science) M.Sc.(Information Technology)...
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