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Solapur University

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Science and Engineering
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Full time
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Solapur is one of the biggest cities in Maharashtra, situated on the borders of the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It's an ancient historical and religious place with Shri Siddharameshwar as its "Gramadaiwata". Shri Siddharameshwar was a historical personality of the 12th Century whose "Karmayoga" on his own native land-Solapur, turned him into a God-figure in course of time. His religious, social, metaphysical contribution was no doubt great. He composed more than 65,000 "Vachanas" and consecrated 68 "Lingas" in Solapur. He had gained the "Siddhi". As Solapur was a draught prone area, Shri Siddharameshwar dug a lake with the help of 4000 "Sharanas" to solve the problem of potable water. The fact that this lake was open to the people of all cast, sects and religions proves the secular, progressive attitude of Shri Siddharameshwar who was far ahead of his time. This revolutionary saint entombed himself alive (Shivyogsamadhi) at Solapur. On the tourist map of Maharashtra, Solapur is recognized by the beautiful temple of Lord Siddharameshwar, situated at the heart of city.

During the freedom struggle, the people of Solapur enjoyed full freedom on 9th, 10th and 11th May 1930. This acquired name and fame for Solapur in the history of India. But it had to pay a grate price of that freedom in the form of the martyrdom of Shri Mallappa Dhanshetti, Shri Kurban Hussein, Shri Jagannath Shinde and Shri Kisan Sarda who were hanged on 12th Jan 1931, in the prison at Pune. Thus the city came to be recognized as "The City of Hutatmas".

Being an important industrial city, Solapur is a leading center for cotton mills and power-looms. Solapur bed-sheets, terry-towels and chaddars have earned international fame and reputation due to their novel designs and durability.

Solapur is 433 Kms. away from Mumbai and 244 Kms. from Pune. By rail, it is 456 Kms. from Mumbai. Solapur is well-connected with metro-cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Pandharpur, with its Vitthal-Rakhumai temple on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river, that has carved a niche in the hearts of Marathi speaking people, is only 70 Kms. from Solapur. Akkalkot, just 38 Kms. from Solapur is known to be a holy place on account of the shrine of Akkalkot Swami and is visited by his followers. Tuljapur in Osmanabad district, 40 Kms. from Solapur, has the seat of the goddess Tulja-Bhawani, well known as the family deity of Maharashtra State. Across the border in Gulbarga district of Karnataka State, is Ganagapur, another place of pilgrimage. Vijapur, a district in Karnataka, 109 Kms. from Solapur is widely known for its 'Gol-Gumbaj', a marvel in architecture and Badami in the same district for its mind boggling temples carved inside the rocks. These details are retrieved from
Mission & Vision
Mission Vision:
Motto “ivadyaayaa saMpannataa "
The character and integrity of an organization is judged by "Motto" it has, which is like a pole- star helping it steer the organization in right direction with right speed. It always represents the commitment and acts as a compass. All the activities are governed by the values enshrined in the motto. No doubt, it is a sentinel as well as a motivator.

The motto" ivadyaayaa saMpannataa " shows our attitude to knowledge and prosperity. There is a firm belief that knowledge leads to true prosperity. Our aim is to achieve not only secular prosperity but knowledge which must guide us to be prosperous physically, mentally and spiritually also. That higher kind of prosperity will be everlasting and beneficial to an individual and society at large.

Our aim is to cater to all strata of society and disseminate knowledge to make people competent in all walks of life and in the process, make our society happy and prosperous.
Department of Geology M.Sc. M.Phil.
Department of Physics; 1.M.Sc. 2. M.Phil.
Department of Chemistry M.Sc. M.Phil.
Department of Applied Chemistry- M.Sc
Department of Electronic Science: M.Sc. M.Phil.
Department of Computer Science M.C.A
Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology M.A., M.Phil.
Department of Physics Ph.D.
Department of Geology Ph.D.
Department of Electronic Science Ph.D
P.G Diploma in Museology
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