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Northeastern's graduate programs in engineering are designed to meet the educational needs of both students and professionals who wish to pursue an advanced degree. Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Engineering. We are located in room 130 Snell Engineering Center on the Boston Campus

Degree program curricula, course descriptions, and faculty information for each academic department are listed below in the Academic Programs section. Students must follow the curriculum of their program of study published in the Graduate School of Engineering Student Guide and Catalog the year in which they matriculate. Any change in course work or other program requirements must be approved by the student’s program adviser or departmental graduate officer. In addition, students must complete any preparatory courses stipulated at the time of admission.

Northeastern awards course credits on a semester-hour basis. The Master of Science degree comprises a minimum of thirty to thirty-four semester hours, depending on the specific program selected. A Thesis or Project/Report is required in certain cases. Refer to the degree program curricula below for more information. Doctor of Philosophy programs have varying requirements specific to each academic department as described below. In some cases, depending upon academic background, prerequisite courses are also required, but do not carry graduate credit. Part-time students who normally carry four semester hours each term can generally complete a program of study in two to four years, while full-time students, who may take eight to twelve semester hours each term, may earn their degrees in as little as one year. However, full-time students receiving some form of assistantship or who are enrolled in the Cooperative Plan of Education usually devote two years to completing a program of study.

As a general rule, Northeastern confers the Master of Science degree with specification to students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the same or closely-related engineering discipline as their graduate program of study. However, students admitted to the Computer Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Information Systems, Operations Research, and Telecommunication Systems Management programs are in general exempt from this policy and may earn the specified degree regardless of their undergraduate field. Northeastern confers the Master of Science degree without specification in certain cases to students who hold undergraduate degrees in disciplines that do not correspond to their chosen graduate program.

The ISSI coordinates services and programs for approximately 2,500 international students and scholars from more than 120 countries. The ISSI assists students with immigration regulations and procedures, conducts comprehensive international orientation programs each semester, assists with international faculty and scholar issues, helps process international admissions, and authorizes certain types of employment. The ISSI also hosts a multitude of programs and workshops on issues such as cultural adjustment, international student taxation, employment options, and cross-cultural understanding.
The ISSI celebrates a diversity through these and numerous other activities that are aimed at fostering an appreciation of all cultures, thus facilitating intercultural understanding among students from the United States and those studying at Northeastern from abroad.
Certificate Program in Information Systems
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Master of Science in Civil Engineering * Construction Management * Environmental Engineering * Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering * Structures * T...
Master of Science in Computer Systems Engineering * CAD/CAM * Engineering Software Design
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering * Communications and Signal Processing * Computer Engineering * Control Systems and Signal Processing * Electromag...
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Leadership
Master of Science in Engineering Management * Computer and Information Systems * General Program * Manufacturing Systems * Quality Control and Reliability Ana...
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering * Computer and Information Systems * General Program * Manufacturing Systems * Quality Control and Reliability Ana...
Master of Science in Information Systems # General Program
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering # Materials Science and Engineering # Mechanics and Design # Thermofluids Engineering
Master of Science in Operations Research # General Program
Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems Management # Telecom Networking # Telecom System Development # Telecom Business Mangement
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership
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