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ENSIETA “Aim high, sail far”
ENSIETA, a French national graduate engineering institute, trains both civilian and military students during a three-year programme to become highly qualified engineers with a global knowledge. Their background enables them to design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems. ENSIETA students all receive a strong foundation in the core curriculum of mechanics, electronics and IT, then progressively move towards one of 7specializations:
- Naval architecture and offshore engineering
- Vehicle design and modeling
- Hydrography and Oceanography
- Information technology and Automation of Embedded systems
- Electronics and Signal processing for Embedded systems
- Energetic materials engineering
- Organizational management and engineering
ENSIETA also offers degree courses on a Master's level (Example: European Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering) and a wide range of further education courses designed for companies. Established in 1971, ENSIETA is a multidisciplinary engineering institute under the supervision of the French Defence Ministry.
ENSIETA’s laboratories conduct research in mechanical engineering, signal processing, electronics, IT and automation, as well as in human sciences.
DTN laboratory (Development of new technologies)
The DTN lab’s mission is to best structure the industrial type activities at ENSIETA and promote innovations and technology transfers. Technical fields: mechanical design, automation, electronics and information technology.
E3I2 laboratory (extraction and use of information in uncertain environments)
The laboratory has developed a multidisciplinary research project to develop and deploy an information and support system for decision making in disturbed and changing environments. Technical fields: electromagnetic and acoustic modelling, extracting and using data from sonar and radar signals.
LBMS/ENSIETA laboratory, (Brest’s mechanics and systems)
Studies carried out in the LBMS lab involve analyzing the life span of naval structures. Technical fields: reliability of material, fluid and structural mechanics, electromechanical systems control and diagnosis.
Thus, the range of potential applications includes other industrial activities (automotive, aeronautics,

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Masters degree in Architecture of Electronics and Computing Complex Systems - One semester of applied courses (beginning in September) - One semester devoted to a final project...
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Specialised masters degree in Energetic Materials and Propulsion - One semester of applied course (beginning in September) - One semester devoted to a final project in an indust...
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