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Lawrence Technological University

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For over 70 years, Lawrence Tech has aimed to make accomplishment a tradition. Here’s a compendium of just a few of these advances, recent and past, that have helped develop the University’s reputation for excellence in Theory and Practice.

Lawrence Technological University has many faculty and staff members who can provide answers about topics or comment on current events. Whether you need background information or an immediate reaction to breaking news, experts at Lawrence Tech can help.
Mission & Vision
To develop leaders through innovative and agile programs embracing theory and practice

To be a preeminent university producing leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and global view


* Theory and Practice
* Teamwork and Trust
* Character and Integrity
Aeronautical Engineering- Minor
Alternative Energy Engineering Technology- Undergrad Certificate
Animation and Visual Effects for Film- Undergrad Certificate
Architecture- Four-year Baccalaureate Architectural Engineering- Bachelor/Master Combined
Audio Engineering Technology- Four-year Baccalaureate
Biochemical Engineering- Undergrad Certificate
Bioelectronics- Undergrad Certificate
Biomedical Engineering- Four-year Baccalaureate Biomedical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Concentration Biomedical Engineering, Bioelectrical Engineering Concentration Bi...
Business Management- Four-year Baccalaureate Business Management- Minor
Chemistry- Four-year Baccalaureate Chemistry- Minor Chemical Biology- Four-year Baccalaureate Chemical Technology- Two-year Associate
Civil Engineering- Four-year Baccalaureate
Communications Engineering Technology- Two-year Associate
Computer Engineering- Four-year Baccalaureate Computer Science, Business Software Development Concentration Computer Science, Game Software Development Concentration Computer Sc...
Construction Engineering Technology- Two-year Associate Construction Management- Four-year Baccalaureate
Economics- Minor
Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Power Engineering Concentration - Four-year Baccalaureate Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering Concentration- Four-year Baccala...
English- Minor English and Communication Arts- Four-year Baccalaureate
Entrepreneurship- Undergrad Certificate Entrepreneurial Strategy- Undergrad Certificate
Environmental Chemistry- Four-year Baccalaureate
Film and Production Techniques- Undergrad Certificate
General Sciences- Minor
General Studies- Two-year Associate History- Minor Humanities- Four-year Baccalaureate
Imaging, Digital Arts Concentration- Four-year Baccalaureate Imaging, Digital Design Concentration- Four-year Baccalaureate
Industrial/Organizational Psychology- Undergrad Certificate Industrial Operations Engineering- Four-year Baccalaureate
Information Technology (also online)- Four-year Baccalaureate
Interior Architecture- Four-year Baccalaureate
Leadership and Change Management - Undergrad Certificate
Manufacturing Engineering Technology- Two-year Associate
Mathematics- Four-year Baccalaureate Mathematics- Minor Mathematics and Computer Science- Four-year Baccalaureate
Mechanical Engineering- Four-year Baccalaureate Mechanical Engineering Technology- Two-year Associate Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Concentration- Four-year...
Media Communication- Four-year Baccalaureate Media Communication, Broadcast Journalism Concentration- Four-year Baccalaureate Media Communication, Television/Video Production Con...
Molecular and Cell Biology- Four-year Baccalaureate
Philosophy- Minor
Physics- Four-year Baccalaureate Physics- Minor Physics and Computer Science- Four-year Baccalaureate
Pre-Dental- Pre-Professional Pre-Medical- Pre-Professional
Psychology- Four-year Baccalaureate Psychology- Minor
Radio and Television Broadcasting- Two-year Associate Set Design- Undergrad Certificate Technical and Professional Communication- Undergrad Certificate Technical and Profession...
Aeronautical Engineering- Certificate
Architectural Management (online only)- Certificate Sustainable Architecture- Certificate Transportation Design- certificate Urban Design- Certificate
Critical Studies in Architecture- Certificate
Energy and Environmental Management- Certificate Energy Engineering- Certificate
Information Assurance Management - Certificate
Instructional Technology - Certificate
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Project Management (also online)- Certificate
Workplace Technology- Certificate
Architecture (also online) - Master Architecture 4+3 1/2 Program- Master Architectural Engineering- Bachelor/Master Combined
Business Administration (also online) - Master Business Administration/Global Leadership and Management Dual Degree- Master Business Administration International - Master
Civil Engineering- Master
Computer Science- Master
Construction Engineering Management- Master
Educational Technology (also online) -Master
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering in Manufacturing Systems- Master Engineering Management (also online) - Master
Information Systems- Master
Interior Design (also online) - Master Interior Design 4+3- Master
Mechanical Engineering- Master
Mechatronic Systems Engineering - Master
Molecular and Cell Biology- Four-year Baccalaureate
Science Education- Master
Technical and Professional Communication- Master Technical and Professional Communication- Certificate
Business Administration (weekend)- Doctoral
Engineering in Manufacturing Systems- Doctoral
Management in Information Technology (weekend)
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