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Madura College

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The Madura College (Autonomous), Madurai-625 011, is an academic institution that stands like a towering titan between centuries, A distinguished institution with a hoary past spanning a century, today it strides into a new millennium with the same dynamism and intellectual verve that it has always been known for. The College offers 9 Post-Graduate programmes and 7 Under-Graduate courses. A look into its history reads like a tale of romance. The Government had started a Zilla School in 1856 as an outcome of Macaulay's Dispatch of 1854 on Education. In 1880 a College Department was added to it and it was functioning on the premises where the Madura College Higher Secondary School now stands.

The present premises of the Madura College are about 43 acres in area. Robert S. Fischer made a bequest of five and odd acres to the north of the present campus to be used as playgrounds. The Board worked tirelessly to raise funds for putting up buildings for the College and to upgrade it into a first grade institution. It organized fund raising campaigns even conducting a Grand Raffle and selling small portions of its holdings. In 1925, the College became a first grade institution. It was only in 1937 that it could move into the present campus. But the Board could not manage to find funds for endowments and so in 1939, the College became a second grade institution. Members of the Board and members of the staff of the College worked unrelentingly, going door to door for fund raising, and frequenting the corridors of schools to enlist students. In 1946 the College regained its First Grade Status. About a lakh of rupees was collected for endowment, buildings, prizes and scholarships. The P.M Sankara Iyer Hall came up in 1941. In 1946-47, the College got the affiliation for B.A. in Mathematics and Economics, for B.Com. in 1947-48, for B.Sc. Mathematics in 1949-50 and for B.Sc. Chemistry in 1950-51.

The College has recognized Centres for research leading to Ph.D. Degree in Zoology (from 1986), Tamil (from 2002), Botany and Philosophy (from 2003) and Physics (from 2004).In 1978, the U.G.C. decided to act on its idea of Autonomous Colleges so that useful and responsible experiments could be made for improving higher education qualitatively in the country. Institutions that had a history of academic excellence and committed response to the community's needs were to be selected for the conferment of this status. It was but natural then that the Madura College should be accorded this status in the very first group of autonomous Colleges in this university area. The conferment of autonomy was the reward for the hard, visionary work of a band of dedicated workers in the Management and the staff of the College. When the College was on the threshold of the centenary celebration, a bold and far sighted decision was taken by the enlightened Management when it decided to suspend undergraduate programmes in arts and replace them with post-graduate programmes. The College celebrated its centenary in the year 1989.

The College has established an exclusive Centre for Computer Training as a common facility and also a Browsing Centre, in a new building. Another building has come up with the Constituency Development Fund made available by Sri P. Mohan, M.P. The first floor on this building was built with the Constituency Development Fund made available by Sri S. Ramasamy M.P (Rajya Sabha)A 2000 Sq Ft "Health Centre" with financial support by UGCX Plan grants has been built in 2006-07. Also a "Sky Watchers" Room has come up under the Autonomous funds for the year 2006-07. These details are retrieved from
Mission & Vision

* To develop the Madura College and other Institutions under the Madura College Board into leading Hindu national education institutions in South India, imparting sound education to their students.
* To make these Institutions serve as nurseries and upholders of liberal Hindu Culture and to renovate its ancient and basic ideals in consonance with the needs of the modern world.
* To preserve, develop and enrich whatever is noble and enduring in the past history of the Hindu race, religion and culture.
* To provide full scope and opportunities for the training of its students, not only physically and intellectually but also morally, emotionally and spiritually, so that they may build up a strong and noble character and be inspired by high ideals of dedicated benevolence and self-effacing activity.
* To regard with tolerance and intelligent sympathy similar progressive ideals in other religions of the great world whose followers are found living side by side in the world and who also constitute important elements of the Indian nation.
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Mathematics Aided (Major with Physics and Computer and Computational Methods as Ancillaries) Mathematics (Major with Physics and Chemistry Ancillaries) Self Financing Cou...
Computer science Aided Computer science - Self financing
B.Com (Separate section for girls and boys) Aided B.Com (Separate section for girls and boys) - Self Financing
Electronics & Communication - self financing
B.Sc - Information Technology - self financing
B.Sc- Biotechnology- Self Financing
B.A.- Economics- Aided B.A.- Economics - self financing
M.Sc., 1. Mathematics
Physics Aided M.Sc., Physics - self financing
Chemistry Aided
Botany Aided
M.A. 1. English
M.A. Economics
M.A. Sociology Aided
M.A. Philosophy
M.Sc., - Zoology- Self Financing
M.Sc., - Microbiology- Self Financing
M.Sc.- Computer Science- Self Financing
M.Com - Self Financing
M.Com - Self Financing
Doctoral - Aided courses 1. Tamil
Doctoral - Aided COurse Philosophy
Doctoral - Aided courses Botany
Doctoral Zoology
Doctoral Aided courses Physics
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