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Ross University School of Medicine

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Course name
Development and Microscopic Anatomy 1
Course Category
Medicine, Health Care
Type of Course
Full time
Level of course
Advanced Diploma
Course Duration
- Years
Semester 1.
Not Given
Minimum Qualification
Not Given
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Ross University was founded in 1978 and is a provider of medical and veterinary education offering doctor of medicine and doctor of veterinary medicine degree programs. Located in Dominica, West Indies, the School of Medicine places more graduates into U.S. residencies than any other medical school in the world and has clinical education centers in Miami, FL; Saginaw, MI; and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Students spend 16 months a Ross’s technologically advanced campus in Dominica and then begin clinical rotations in the U.S. at nearly 70 top teaching hospitals. The School of Veterinary Medicine is located in St. Kitts. Overall, the University has graduated over 9,300 successful physicians and veterinarians who are practicing in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Ross operates on a three-semester schedule, allowing students to start in September, January or May, and has administrative offices in North Brunswick, NJ.
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Semester 2. Provides a comprehensive review of human microscopic anatomy, consisting of the cell and four basic forms of tissues. The microstructure of each organ and organ syst...
Semester 2. Introduces the basic aspects of biochemistry and genetics. Molecular genetics is a major part of this course. Molecular genetics is followed by the major types of ge...
Semester 2. Instructs and trains students in basic communication skills, including basic history taking and physical examination skills. Introduces students to the complexities ...
Semester 2. Studies gross structure, as well as normal and abnormal development of all organs and systems of the human body, with an emphasis on function. To enhance the underst...
Semester 2. Enables students to acquire a sound understanding of the mechanisms upon which life depends through an integrated study of the body’s control systems. Most disease...
Semester 2. Integrates both the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. The principles that underlie the anatomical structures of each system are correlated with its physi...
Semester 3. Presents the basic concepts and applications of immunity; microbial ultrastructure, physiology, and genetics; general infectious cycles of bacteria, viruses, fungi, ...
Semester 3. Studies the effects of drugs on living organisms. Emphasis is placed on the basic mechanisms of action and major indications of drugs used in medical practice. Provi...
Semester 3. Focuses on general pathology with the addition of hematology. The goal is to bridge the gap between pure basic science and disease processes related to clinical med...
Semester 3. Stresses the complex relationship between psychological make-up and experience on one hand, and disease manifestation on the other. The course is designed to develop...
Semester 4. Covers infectious diseases using the integrated organ systems approach begun in semester 3. Within each system block, the microbiology material will start with the n...
Semester 4. Continues Medical Pharmacology I; however, pharmacology appears as a component of the organ-based blocks in the fourth semester curriculum, integrating clinical medi...
Semester 4. Takes a systemic approach to the study of disease. Within each system, the basic gross and microscopic changes associated with each disease are stressed; however, th...
Semester 4. This course gives the students the skills that they will need when they begin clinical rotations, including interviewing, physical examination, interpretation of com...
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