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Kolej TAFE Seremban

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TAFE College is an institution of higher learning established in 1972. The College is spread out on a 10 acre campus in Seremban, located 65 km away from Kuala Lumpur and within 45 minutes drive from KLIA.

Owned by Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), the education arm of MIC, the College is the result of the foresight and vision of its chairman, Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu, who is also the Minister of Works. As a pioneer in technical education, Kolej TAFE provides diploma course in IT, Business and most importantly in Engineering. Courses are developed through consultation with industrial organisations and employers to meet the current needs of the industry. These industry relevant courses prepare students to work in a recognised industry and pursue a paraprofessional career of higher education. Supervised practical training is conducted with classroom teaching combined with lectures and tutorials. Continuous assessment is carried out through written assignments, class discussions, practical work and short tests.

Why Choose TAFE?
• Prepares students for employment in successful careers.
• Provides training in specifi c job skills to meet market needs.
• Offers a campus lifestyle with accommodation, recreation, meals & training at an affordable cost.
• Our Corporate Clients include prominent airline and automotive companies.

Academic Strengths
The majority of the academic staff have postgraduate qualifications. The college has graduated about 33,000 students who have been readily absorbed by the industry. The college's broad base of staff is qualified, experienced and skilled to deliver diploma and graduate programmes.

The College has strong links with the industry, particularly in relation to automotive training. The College has joined hands with UMW Motor Sdn Bhd and Toyota Corporation to offer the T-TEP (Toyota Technical Education Programme). This link has enabled TAFE to train automotive technicians with exposure to the latest developments in automotive technology and with AirAsia. Recently, Kolej TAFE Seremban has signed an MOA with AirAsia Berhad to train its engineering trainees selected EASA modules.

TAFE College is an Accredited Centre under the Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK). The College has also obtained approval from JPK for the NGV system Installer and is training NGV technicians to generate qualifi ed personnel with relevant skills for the emerging CNG/NGV technology.

Customised Training for Automotive Troubleshooting, Aircraft Materials and Aircraft Maintenance Practices are also being offered. The last two are HRDF claimable.
Mission & Vision
The mission of TAFE College is to contribute to our national prosperity by improving the skills of Malaysians and to achieve “Excellence through Education”. The College makes study options accessible to young school leavers and supports the government’s goal of capacity building and nurturing a first class mentality.

The College is thus a premier provider of higher education offering multi-disciplinary quality programmes at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels to both local and international students and continues to progress towards excellence. As a member of MAPCU, TAFE College is strongly committed to uplifting the standards of higher education, widening access and enhancing quality, cultivating a lifelong learning culture, improving the quality of teaching and learning, intensifying internationalisation and enhancing research and innovation.

TAFE College plays an active role in enhancing the image of private education in Malaysia by developing a sustainable mode of training and education for community programmes. TAFE endeavours to contribute towards making Malaysia a centre of educational excellence by providing critical human capital that drives the country’s economy. Being a non-profit entity, surpluses are reinvested for educational purposes and upgrading campus facilities.

When it comes to quality and industry recognised education, affordability and a conducive environment, TAFE stands in the forefront of the Malaysian education industry.
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The programmes offered focus on developing the basics required to proceed to diploma and degree level courses and to obtain the dynamics needed to succeed in the modern era. Cer...
The programmes offered focus on developing the basics required to proceed to diploma and degree level courses and to obtain the dynamics needed to succeed in the modern era. Cer...
The programmes offered focus on developing the basics required to proceed to diploma and degree level courses and to obtain the dynamics needed to succeed in the modern era. Ce...
The focus of the Aircraft Maintenance Technology Department is on maintenance and repair of aircraft both structurally and machanically. Students learn how to inspect, repair and m...
Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, m...
Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of the physical infrastructure network. Civil engineer...
Electrical and electronic engineering deals with the study of power, electronics, control system, signal processing and telecommunications and emphasizes the application of electri...
The Electro-Mechanical Engineering course covers the analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment and products based on the combination of electrical/ electronical ci...
This unique course has a well designed course structure and curriculum using industry focused training methods and offers industrial training. The course options covers the quantit...
Harnessing the human and financial elements in the world of business is becoming an increasingly challenging agenda. Decisian-makers need to be properly dynamic changes. The course...
Drawing on accounting and finance theory, practices and techniques, this unique course develops analytical, quantitative, computing, presentation and other transferable skills requ...
Information Technology embraces all academic disciplines, work life and home life. To meet the dynamic needs of the global ere, the course focuses on developing designs, and analyt...
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