Test Preparation - Test Preparation tips for Study in India, Study Abroad

Test Preparation

Test Preparation tips for Study in India, Study Abroad


Practice tests:

Concentrate on Mock tests after completing the full syllabus.

Learn computer basics:

By learning basic computer operations like keyboard(shortcut techniques) and mouse operations ,you can do your online CAT exam perfectly

Set Section-wise Time Limits:

CAT syllabus has many sections, so order and set it time ways for each section.

Relax yourself:

Do relax yourself in proper break times that would help you to refresh your brain.

Be confident:

Be confident on what you have prepared, stay away from others confusing statements.


Don’t leave any section:

While preparing or writing your exam, don’t leave any section in half way. If a start a section complete is thoroughly  and switch over to the next

Avoid Random guessing:

Don’t guess randomly while preparing for exam, you will end up with different results

Avoid tension:

While preparing for exam, When ever you get break times utilize it to be relaxed and Stay calm

Avoid eating out:

Avoid eating out; it would direct you to unhealthy situation

  • don’t panic

If you can’t get right answers for the questions, don’t panic.

CAT preparation has many regulations because it’s all about attention and response. You will have to be mentally ready to sacrifice your routine day outs and long sleeping hours to carry out the mock tests.

The mock tests are vital and should be taken very seriously because they aid you judge your ability very perfectly. You get a clear picture about yourself and your knowledge.

Now a days CAT entrance exam is online. On Internet, you will find many exam simulators that you can download and do practice tests. You should also have some computer skills for this entrance exam such as usage of keyboard for completing the test registration process, usage of mouse for the navigation between questions or sections etc.

The candidates should also solve sample papers as many as they can do because this trick helps them to run their mind fast and to reach them to their desiring goal.