Practice tests:

Concentrate on Mock tests after completing the full syllabus.

Learn computer basics:

By learning basic computer operations like keyboard(shortcut techniques) and mouse operations ,you can do your online CAT exam perfectly

Set Section-wise Time Limits:

CAT syllabus has many sections, so order and set it time ways for each section.

Relax yourself:

Do relax yourself in proper break times that would help you to refresh your brain.

Be confident:

Be confident on what you have prepared, stay away from others confusing statements.


Don’t leave any section:

While preparing or writing your exam, don’t leave any section in half way. If a start a section complete is thoroughly  and switch over to the next

Avoid Random guessing:

Don’t guess randomly while preparing for exam, you will end up with different results

Avoid tension:

While preparing for exam, When ever you get break times utilize it to be relaxed and Stay calm

Avoid eating out:

Avoid eating out; it would direct you to unhealthy situation

  • don’t panic

If you can’t get right answers for the questions, don’t panic.