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V General Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is CGFNS International?

CGFNS International is a non-profit, internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verification pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and health care professionals worldwide

2. Who is ICHP?

The International Commission on Healthcare Professions (ICHP) is a division of CGFNS International. CGFNS launched ICHP in 1996 to administer its Visa Screen program, which is a federally-approved screening program for foreign health care workers seeking occupational visas in the United States.

3. Who is ICD?

The International Consultants of Delaware (ICD), a division of CGFNS since 2000, is recognized nationally, as well as globally, as an expert in the field of international education. Established in 1977, ICD is a credentialing agency that evaluates international educational documents and provides their U.S. equivalents. These equivalents are used to assist individuals in obtaining additional education, employment and immigration visas for any career field, as well as licensing and certification for health care professionals.

4. What is the mission of CGFNS International?

The mission of CGFNS International is to provide expert credentials evaluation and professional development services to promote the health and safety of the public.
CGFNS International focuses on four key objectives:
To develop and administer a predictive testing and evaluation program for internationally educated nurses
To provide a credentials evaluation service for internationally educated and/or internationally-born health care professionals
To serve as a clearinghouse for information on international nursing education and licensure
To conduct and publish studies relevant to internationally educated nurses

5. What is the vision of CGFNS International?

CGFNS International's missions to serve the global community through credential programs that verify and promote the practice competency of migrating professionals.

6. How will I know if my school(s) and registration authority(ies) have sent
    my credentials to CGFNS International?

Upon receipt of each document, CGFNS International will send an email or a letter notifying the applicant about any documents that were received and any documentation that is still needed. Applicants may also check their status online at CGFNS Connect - Apply/Check Status"

7. How do I request CGFNS International to forward copies of my academic
    records on my behalf?

State the request in writing and specify to whom the documentation should be sent. Include the applicant's CGFNS ID Number, name, birth date, signature and the appropriate fee. These types of requests can also be ordered online through the CGFNS Web site.

8. What should I do if my school no longer has my transcripts?

The applicant should determine whether there is another organization, such as a Ministry of Health or a national provincial licensing authority in their country of education that has taken possession of their academic records/transcripts. If there is such an organization, the applicant should request that their records/transcripts be sent to CGFNS International.

9. Can CGFNS International give any "consideration" when the English score
     is only one point away from passing?

No. All applicants are required to submit a passing score on either the TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, TWE and TSE; or the IELTS. For the TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, TWE and TSE, registered nurses must submit a score of 540 on the written TOEFL or 207 on the computer-based TOEFL, 83 on TOEFL iBT, 4.0 on the TWE and 50 on the TSE. The TOEIC minimum score for nurses is 725. The IELTS minimum score is 6.5 for academic and 7.0 for spoken. Physical and occupational therapists must submit a score of 560 on the written TOEFL or 220 on the computer-based TOEFL, 4.5 on the TWE and 50 on the TSE. Physical and occupational therapists cannot take TOEIC or IELTS. No exceptions can be made on any of the scores.

10.Does CGFNS International publish the requirements of all the state
    boards of nursing?

No. Applicants should inquire directly to the state in which they are interested in practicing to determine the requirements for licensure in that state.

11.What should I do if my credentials do not meet the requirements of the
     CGFNS International service I am applying to?

Depending on what part of the application was deficient, CGFNS International might be able to provide information on how to rectify the deficiency.

12. Am I inquiring about health care opportunities, specifically as a RN or
     LPN/LVN, available to me as a medical doctor

Please be advised that as you were not formally educated and trained as a nurse, you are not eligible to legally work as a nurse in the United States until you complete a nursing program at a government-approved school of nursing or U.S. accredited academic institution. At this time, you are also not eligible for any evaluation or certification programs offered by CGFNS International.
You may wish to contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), because this organization provides assessment and testing services for internationally educated physicians seeking employment in the United States. Their Web site with all relevant contact information is
You may be eligible for transfer credit into a nursing program at a U.S. college or university, however, please note that admission requirements will differ from institution to institution, and not all institutions or U.S. regulatory boards will accept credit from an international medical institution towards a U.S. nursing diploma/degree. You are advised to contact the U.S. Board of Nursing for the state where you wish to reside/practice in order to obtain: = verification of any and all state registration, licensure and practice requirements as a registered or practical/vocational nurse (this too will differ from state to state) a listing of state-approved nursing schools.
The Web site of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing ( provides a listing of all U.S. Boards of Nursing with appropriate contact information. You may also wish to contact the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants ( for additional information and any possible opportunities in the United States in the health care field.

13. What should I do if my transcripts and/or registrations/licenses are in
      a language other than English?

Transcripts and registrations/licenses not in English need to be accompanied by a word-for-word English translation directly from the schools and registration authorities. Translations should also include a Certification of Accuracy (please see instructions on the application). If the school or registration authority cannot provide word-for-word translations, CGFNS International can provide this service to the applicant for a fee.

14. Who Will Administer the CGFNS Exam?

The National Educational Examinations Authority (NEEA), an agency of the Ministry of Education, will conduct the CGFNS Qualifying Examination for nurses in Beijing, People's Republic of China, on July 9, 2003. This will be the first time that the CGFNS Qualifying Exam has been offered in China, excluding Hong Kong. NEEA is the sole authority authorized by CGFNS to conduct the exam in China.

15. When and Where will the Exam be Held?

Announcements about the time of the exam and location of the exam site(s) will be made by NEEA on its website,

16. Does CGFNS Recommend that Applicants Use a Preparation Course for
      the Examination?

CGFNS does NOT require that applicants who want to sit for the CGFNS exam must have first taken a CGFNS preparation course. CGFNS is aware that many organizations are offering preparation courses for the CGFNS Qualifying Exam. Some of these organizations may claim that they have been authorized by CGFNS to offer this preparation course, or that they represent CGFNS or NEEA. CGFNS has authorized no individual or organization to conduct preparation courses for the Qualifying Exam. NEEA is CGFNS' only representative in China. NEEA has authorized no individual or organization or school to represent it or to conduct preparation courses for the Qualifying Exam in China. Any organization or school which conducts preparation courses for this exam is not authorized to do so by either CGFNS or NEEA.

17. Who is Eligible to Sit For the Qualifying Exam?

A nurse is eligible to sit for the Qualifying Exam is he or she is a first-level, general (registered) nurse. What this means is that the applicant's nursing education must have been completed separate from secondary school education and that the nursing education must have included sufficient hours of both clinical and theory in all four areas of nursing. Those areas include Medical/Surgical Nursing, Maternal/Infant Nursing (Obstetrics) excluding Gynecology, Care of Children (Pediatrics), and Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing excluding Neurology. If an applicant's nursing education lacks one of the four areas of nursing, he or she must complete a nursing course in that area from a government approved nursing school before he or she will be authorized to sit for the CGFNS exam.

18. How do Applicants Obtain CGFNS Application Forms?

Applications for the July 2003 and future Qualifying Exams are provided free of charge by CGFNS. Application forms can be obtained in several ways. The simplest way is for an applicant to download the application form from CGFNS' web site at When the applicant arrives at the CGFNS home page, she or he should click on Programs. At Programs, click on On-line Applications. At On-line Applications, click on two links on this page: first, Certification Program Handbook.pdf, and then Certification Program Applications Packet.pdf. These two links will provide the applicant with both the necessary application forms and a 15-page information handbook. Applicants can also obtain an application form in one of the following ways: by calling the Customer Service Department at 1-215-349-8767 Ext. 476 and requesting an application be sent, by faxing a written request for an application to CGFNS in Philadelphia, PA at 1-215-349-0026; after February 3, 2003, the applicant can complete the application on line at

19. Will it ever be Possible to Apply for the Qualifying Exam Online?

Yes. On February 3, 2003, CGFNS is launched a new, interactive portion of its website. From then applicants were able to apply on line and were able to check the status of his or her file on-line at CGFNS' website. We will also investigate the possibility of having the NEEA website,, be Linked directly to the CGFNS website.

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