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GMAT Preparation:

Think GMAT as a game and try to play the best of it. As a test taker, you should understand:

The computer-adaptive structure of the GMAT.
The types of exam questions asked and their common fallacies.

How to manage your time wisely?


The computer-adaptive structure of the GMAT: The computer-adaptive test (CAT) version of the GMAT is designed to get a more accurate assessment of your skills while asking you fewer questions than its paper-based predecessor did. Here is how it works: the first question will be of average difficulty only, the next question will be based on the answer of the first ie it will judge the intelligence of the candidate and display the question. So if you get the answer wrong, your next

question will be slightly easier. The software will also ask you different types of questions in a rather unpredictable order, as determined by its algorithm, rather than clustering question types as the written GMAT did. Once you confirm the question you cannot change it as in the paper version.

The types of exam questions asked and their common fallacies: We strongly encourage our clients to spend time learning these question types before brushing up on their verbal and math skills.

How to manage your time wisely:

Time management is very important in GMAT preparation and only then you can get good results.

1. Practice:

The main way to develop GMAT time management skills is to practice taking the test. You will repeatedly see us return to the theme of practice throughout this website. It is very hard to overstate its importance. Therefore you are strongly encouraged to take at least a few mock GMAT exams in computer adaptive format. Better stop seeing Television, talking over phone etc.

2.Spend adequate time on the first 5 questions:

In GMAT the first 5 questions judge the intelligence of the person and the other question will be based on that. So be very careful while answering for the first five question think twice judge correctly and answer.

3. Prepare yourself to finish the test at all costs:

Take mock test and continue with the test until you reach the top score

4. Don't waste time:

Time is precious and don't regret by wasting it.

5. Read the Questions Carefully:

This is pretty silly, but only if u understand the question you will be able to proceed further.

6. Avoid Random Guessing:

Don't guess in the exam.

7. Eliminate the Deliberately Deceptive Wrong Choices:

During the exam don't choose the wrong answers, you can work on the scrap paper and the judge the right answer.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice:

This is the only key for success.

9. Don't Wait Too Long to Take the GMAT:

Don't take another chance and count on GMAT. Consider your first chance as your last chance and try to score high marks.


There is a huge scoring penalty for failing to finish any section of the GMAT. For example, say you're in line to get a score that will put you in the 70 percentile of test takers, based on your test performance so far - but then run out of time and fail to answer the last five questions in the section. That failure will lower your score to about the 55 percentile. The lesson to take away from this is to prepare yourself to finish the test at all costs.

Answering a question incorrectly will hurt you, but not as much as leaving the question unanswered will. Train yourself to work your best within the time limits of the exam. But train yourself, too, to be able to recognize when only a minute or so remains on the clock, and at that point to just answer "C" (or whatever your lucky letter is) for any remaining questions. As the GMAT's Chief Psychometrician put it to us, random guessing is like shooting yourself in the foot - but leaving answers blank is like shooting yourself in both feet..

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