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1 NCLEX-General

1. What is the maximum amount of time allowed to take the NCLEX?

5 hours

2. How do I prepare for the CAT format on the NCLEX?

Allow each question a reasonable amount of time and thought. Treat each question with the same level of difficulty. Don't be scared if questions are getting "easier," and you think that you are falling below the passing baseline of difficulty.

3. What is the maximum amount of time that I could spend on each     question on the NCLEX?

If you take the maximum number of questions a safe time would be around 1 minute per question on the NCLEX.

4. What study aides have you found that help you understand the format     better?

The link on the right of this page offers valuable help with the NCLEX format.

5. What if the CAT format offers questions beyond the minimum number     required to pass?

Keep taking the test and don't get nervous. You still have the opportunity to do well and pass.

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