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Tips to help you do your best
The key SAT preparation tips you should know thoroughly are: Time management Anxiety control Multiple choice guessing and process of elimination The appropriate use of calculators.
Be well-rested and ready to go. Get a good night's sleep the night before the test. .
Eat breakfast. You'll be at the test center for several hours and you're likely to get hungry.
Bring acceptable Photo ID and your SAT Admission Ticket.
Bring two No. 2 pencils and a good eraserÔ€”a pencil is required for the multiple-choice questions and the essay. Mechanical pencils are not allowed because they may have the wrong type of lead or punch through the answer sheet. Pens are not allowed.
Bring a calculator with fresh batteries. .
Bring snacks. You will get a short break at the end of each hour of testing time. You can eat or drink any snacks you have brought with you during these breaks. A healthy snack will go a long way toward keeping you alert during the entire test.
Unless otherwise instructed, you need to arrive at your assigned test center by 7:45 a.m. Testing should be completed between 12:30 and 1 p.m.
Make sure you use a No. 2 pencil on the answer sheet. It is very important that you fill in the entire circle darkly and completely. If you change your response, erase it as completely as possible. Incomplete marks or erasures may affect your score. It is very important that you follow these instructions when filling out your answer sheet.
Keep track of the time
You should bring a non-beeping watch with you to the SAT exam. Before the beginning of each section, write down the time the test will end. You can refer to this note periodically during the exam to gauge your performance.
Allocate your SAT preparation time and SAT test time wisely
Do not spend time reading the instructions. You should do this during your preparation and go into the exam already understanding its structure and types of questions asked. The SAT exam is intentionally designed to make you feel time pressure and the time spent reading instructions is better spent answering the SAT questions. You will give your best performance if you neither rush through every question nor take an incredibly long amount of time on a few questions and leave the rest unanswered. There is most definitely a proper balance between these 2 extremes. All the questions are worth the same number of points. As a result, it will behoove you to NOT spend an inordinate amount of time with the more difficult questions.
Know when to skip a question
The most difficult questions are at the end of the test sections. These questions are designed to be answered correctly only 10% of the time. Go for the "low-hanging" fruit first. If you see a question and you have NO idea of how to eliminate even one choice, do not spend more than 20 seconds before moving on. (Sometimes easy problems look difficult at first glance but the "fog" will quickly lift within a few seconds and you will be able to answer the question very confidently.)
Notate your omitted questions
You should, however, place a question mark next to the question in the booklet so, if you have time at the end, you will be able to easily identify the omitted questions.
Do NOT spend an equal amount of time on each question
With the exception of the critical reading section, the SAT questions are arranged in ascending order of difficulty, meaning the easiest questions are asked first and the most difficult questions are asked at the end of the sections. Consequently, you should not allocate an equal amount of time to each question. You will hopefully be able to complete the first few

questions in very little time and be able to spend a little more time on the more difficult questions. With practice, you will develop a good feel for your ability level and how your time will be best spent on each section. For exwample, if you practice and discover that even spending 7 minutes each on the last fifth of the problem solving multiple choice questions only results in a success rate that is no better than pure guessing -- despite your best efforts -- then you will be best suited not to attempt these problems on the SAT exam

Should you have some time left over at the end of a section...
This 3 hour and 45 minute exam will play a large role in determining the rest of your life. Think about it. Do you want to work for people like us or would you rather be our boss? You're young and full of energy. Suck it up and spend the remaining time checking your answers. Don't stop working until the proctor says to. If you have time at the end of each section, feel free to go back and re-examine the most difficult SAT questions that you decided to omit. We also strongly encourage you to check your answers to the first questions as these are generally very easy and you should be able to quickly catch any dumb mistakes that would have otherwise cost you a "gimme" question.
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