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Practice, practice, practice. You can useĀ Kaplan's Qbank for Step 1 and for Step 2 CK. Half of the difficulty of the USMLE exam is being able to sit down at a computer screen and concentrate for 9 hours, and a quarter of it is knowing how to handle USMLE questions to which you have no freaking clue what the answer is. This is the big benefit of practice USMLE question services (also, it's easier to make yourself go through another set of questions than to stare at a book again).


Keep track of what block you're on. You'll get a dry erase marker and two sheets of laminated paper to scribble on. Write down which block you're onā€“it'll help motivate you toward the end of the test and help you see there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Categorize and conquer! Get used to eliminating answer choices; get used to guessing between two or three possible right answers and moving on.

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