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During during the Free Play Days
Submitted by Skyzhay on 29/03/2022 - 10:58 AM
 During during the NBA 2K22 MT Free Play Days, all online and offline modes are accessible in NBA 2K22 and NASCAR 21: Ignition but the game does not have DLC. With NBA 2K22 this includes the MyCareer campaign mode, MyTeam, the MyTeam collection mode for cards, MyNBA which gives gamers the chance to lead your own teams, as well as online modes to play with other players. When playing NASCAR 21: Ignition this is the Career mode and Online Multiplayer modes as well as there's the Race Now mode that lets players play a race any time they'd like. It's also possible to unlock accomplishments.

Any progress made over this weekend can be transferred into the final version the game when you choose to make a purchase. Both games are on sale throughout the Free Play period. For NBA 2K22, its standard version is 67 percent off. For Xbox One this has discounted the game to $19.79 While Xbox Series X|S players will be paying $23.09.

The 75th Anniversary Edition , which Buy MT 2K22
includes the game for both consoles is discounted by 50% , making $49.99. Additionally, both the standard and Champions Editions of NASCAR 21 are discounted by 40%. They are $35.99 or $53.99 respectively. It is also available for purchase at $53.99. Season Pass is also on sale at 20% of cost of $23.99.Oscar Robertson has been a 12-time All-Star and a one-time winner of The MVP Award, and claimed an NBA championship during his impressive 14-season time during his time in the NBA. The 'Big O' was the first person to record a triple-double average for the season (and is still the only player to do so, aside from Russell Westbrook).
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