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Preparation Tips for SNAP Exam
Submitted by Shwetha on 18/06/2009 - 12:37 PM
Symbiosis National Aptitude test or SNAP test follows the pattern of the CAT entrance test. SNAP test is quiet competitive in nature considering the number of students undertaking it. Read the points mentioned below to make the journey to the Symbiosis Institute easier and successful.

1. To begin with, list down all the topics to be covered. Systematic preparation is essential for SNAP as it deals with varied topics.
2. Review previous years SNAP test. This gives you an accurate idea about the kind of questions and the difficulty level of the exam.
3. Remember hard work really is the key to success. There is no substitute for regular and consistent practice.
4. Start revising with the topics you have a good understanding of. Skip the complex subjects or topics for later.
5. A thorough understanding of the basics is important especially for clearing the mathematics section. You should focus on the process that leads to the correct answer.
6. Read a lot of newspapers, magazines and even short stories or books. Devoting at least half an hour to reading will help in increasing your reading speed.
7. For ensuring that you perform well in the English comprehension section, it is advised that you read the editorial section of a renowned newspaper. After the first reading make a summary of it in not more than 4-5 lines. Re-read the editorial again to cross-check that you have not missed any main points.
8. From the same editorial you can mark unfamiliar words and check the dictionary for their meaning.
9. Data interpretation questions involve extensive graphs and data. The best and only way to understand and easily comprehend these questions is to regularly practice for this section.
10. Take as many mock SNAP tests as you can. This will help build speed and give you the true picture of how prepared you are for the final hurdle. However, start with mock SNAP test only when you have got a good understanding of the basics.
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