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A Beautiful Nymph of the Waters
Submitted by Letze on 24/12/2010 - 08:40 PM

The most beautiful things are found in the most unlikely
places and a beautiful water lily blooming in a murky pond  is an evidence. This aquatic plant with its
ornamental flower has many medicinal virtues. The tannins, oils and alkaloids
of white water lily acts an mild sedative and anti inflammatory. The plant
tissues also act as antibiotic and astringent due to the tannic and gallic


The plant is of medicinal value in chinese medicines,
homeopathy and ayurvedic remedies
. The most often used parts of the
water lily are the rhizome, root and flowers. The rhizome acts as an astringent
and antiseptic. Gastro-intestinal, genital and bronchial dysfunctions are
treated through formulas made from water lily rhizomes. Diarrhoea is cured
through decoction of the rhizome which serves as an astringent. Kidney pain,
diseases affecting urinary tract and piles are relieved through such medicine
too. The demulcents soothe sore throats and throat pains. Skin diseases, boils
and abscesses are treated with waterlily extracts.


The plant is also an
anaphrodisiac and inhibits sexual vigour. The extract is useful for maintaining
the genital health. Water lily flowers have a general soothing effect on the
nervous system and hence are used in relaxation therapies in Ayurveda. The
flower has the beautifying factor and extracts are used in skin and hair care
products for glowing skin and shiny locks.The stem and rhizome are used in
cuisines and prove to be highly nutritious. The 
waterlily seeds serve as a healthy beverage instead of coffee.
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