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Why Studying Abroad Will Give You An Edge In A Job Market?
Submitted by yogita shewale on 28/10/2013 - 02:30 PM
 Studying abroad offers wide range of benefits to those who opt for it. Advantage of a foreign education is not only limited to getting exposure to varied cultural and global experiences, it goes far beyond that. A semester abroad can certainly add more value to the resume and make you marketable. Corporate global recruiters prefer people with a study abroad experience to those with only a locally attained degree. Global education experience opens the floodgates of opportunities and it is largely for this reason that most people settle for a foreign higher education despite financial hiccups.   
As S Shetty, recruiting manager at RKP Consultants, says, “As the boundaries are shrinking and global economy is opening up, there is greater requirement of talented individuals with broad knowledge on variety of issues and also good exposure to international business concepts.”     

Study abroad programs often lend students with a characteristics and personality that are required for handling bigger global projects. The experience of staying and living alone abroad works in favor of students with foreign education added in their resume. Global corporations also take into account the exposure to varied cultures, interactions with peers from other communities and different thought processes when hiring students’ with study in abroad program.   

The view is recapped by executives at corporate houses in India too. As U Vyas, consultant at Hub for talent, says, “Skills gained and lessons learned from handling difficult situations while being away from home country in a foreign land for higher education helps students to apply them in their career. Leveraging the varied benefits of a semester abroad can help students to grab the best offers even during this difficult job market.   - See more
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